I Want to Eat at Bouchon Weekly

After my splendid birthday dinner, I have decided that I want to eat at Bouchon weekly. It was everything I wanted and more. For those of you who have been following along for a couple of years, you know I treat my birthday like a national holiday (Moment of Truth – when I was a little girl my Mom told me some day my birthday WOULD be a national holiday because I share it with Elvis). We always go someplace special and Bouchon didn’t disappoint! The dinner was a fantastic kick off to LeAnneuary.*

Mom had never participated in the enjoyment of a shellfish tower

Happily, I had my Mom here with me and because she lives in a, shall we say “food deprived” area of central Florida, she too was thrilled with the special treatment. I love taking out of town friends & family to visit my Chef Friends at their restos. I especially love it when the Chef comes out to chat for a few minutes. Chef Dan Ontiveros and the entire staff at Bouchon made me feel extra special and no one batted an eye when I ordered the Croque Madame for my main course instead of one of the fabulous OTHER great offerings. Croque Madame IS my favorite sandWISH of all time. This dinner was extra fun because Mom had always seen shellfish towers, but had never actually gotten to participate in the enjoyment of one. Her eyes glazed over with bliss at every single mouthful.

When the base was placed on the table, I thought “Oh goodie! We’re having oysters!” Yes, we did. And so much more! Each item was fresh, delicious and flavor packed. After this, all seafood during Mom’s month long visit paled in comparison. And seriously, don’t skip the bread when you visit. Just enjoy the carbs.
If you know me AT ALL, you know I am a charcuterie whore. French country pate is my all time fave and I find it difficult to share. But I did. Mainly because there was so much food to sample and I didn’t want to get too full.
This little beauty is a foie gras gateau. I do not believe it is offered on the regular menu, but if it is available you should definitely have it. It’s a collaboration between Chef Dan and his Sous Chef Peter Bart Clark. And in case you are wondering, YES those are shaved truffles and edible flowers. As if the foie itself wasn’t special enough, those additions knocked it completely off the chart!
Of all entries in the sandWISH category, a Croque Madame is the Queen in my book. A grilled ham and cheese, topped with Mornay sauce and a beautiful runny yolked egg. It’s not the BEST pic…but you get the idea.

One thing Bouchon does better than most is baking

And of course there was dessert, because what celebration doesn’t end with something sweet? These are just a few of the ones we enjoyed.

There is no such thing as too much ice cream and if you are having a chocolate cake as rich as this one, it’s a MUST. If there is one thing Bouchon does better than most, it is baking. If you can’t make time to visit the restaurant, grab a croissant from the Bouchon Bakery.
These lovely profiteroles were filled with ice cream and slathered with chocolate sauce. In the background you can see a lemony chess pie and a homey apple cobbler.

For those of you who have never been to a Thomas Keller restaurant, I am sorry for you and wonder why in the world you are waiting! The service is superb, the décor understated and comfy, and everything is impeccably first rate.

Planning a trip to Vegas? Call Bouchon and make the reservation. Thank me later  702.414.6200.

Many apologies to Chef Dan and the staff of Bouchon for the delay in this post. I am not tech savvy enough to fix my site when shit goes wrong. It seems to be liking me these days.


I celebrate the entire month of January as LeAnneuary.