The Best of 2019

2019 was decidedly NOT a year of eating dangerously or experimentally… Toward the end of 2018, I went to the doctor to arrange for my knee replacement (Jan 2019) and she said to me, “Quit smoking. Quit drinking and lose 30 pounds.” I looked at her said, “SURELY not all at the same time!” I…

Lessons From My Mother

Moms always have sage bits of advice. These are some of the one liners Mom taught me.

Travel Egypt – Part 3 – It’s All About the Experience

When we travel, each of us is looking for an experience of some sort. We want to be made to feel special and treated like a valued guest. We want to be immersed in culture, or relax and listen to the waves, or expand dining horizons, or learn something new. All of those things are…

Travel – Egypt – Part One – the Souk

I have often said if I won the lottery, I’d sell the house and travel and you’d probably never see me again. If money were no object, John and I would travel ALL of the time. In fact, I’d travel just to see new places and try new experiences and of course, EAT. ALL. THE….

Celebrate! Your Life is a Special Occasion

Have you missed me? If so, I am sorry for my lack of communication. You see, I have been down in the dumps and unable to dig my way out. If you follow along regularly, you know I suffer from depression and well…the past 6 months have been a fucking gut punch. My Dad passed…

Veganuary? I don’t think so!

A New Year Like many of you, I start off the new year trying to be healthier. Don’t lie! You know you do it too! There are mantras of exercising more, eating less junk, drinking less, or cutting carbs. There are those trying a new diet, whether it be keto, Whole 30, WW or Noom….