Lessons From My Mother

Moms always have sage bits of advice. These are some of the one liners Mom taught me.

Gift Guide for Foodies – 2018 Holiday Edition

It’s that time of year again – Gift-mas. That time when you KNOW you have to get ready for the gifting season and you are stumped on what gift to actually give. I’ve got you covered! Most of the items on this list are from small manufacturers or small businesses, local artists, and one is…

Bucket List and Firsts

I began writing this piece before my last post about Anthony Bourdain and his death. Since then I have been trying to find ways to verbally express my joy and it has escaped me. When I tell you in person about this trip, you can see the fun in my face, but writing my joy…

Depression, Suicide and Anthony Bourdain

(cover photo from www.Explorepartsunknown.com) As I sit here in my sister’s bright Florida kitchen, I am reading the news about Anthony Bourdain. I am shocked and saddened, as I would be at any suicide. But this one hits particularly hard for me because I too have fought depression and addiction. I WAS the “waitron” Bourdain…

That Damned Instant Pot Craze!

Moment of Truth – I am NOT an “early adopter”. Of anything. I wait it out. I listen to others’ commentary, successes and failures. I read reviews online. I read articles, and I research. So when this Instant Pot craze started a couple of years ago, I waited. One person I know sent theirs back….

Happy New Year! Don’t Drink & Drive

Thank you for following my food adventures this year and I look forward to sharing new ones in 2018. Your continued reading is the drive I need to keep posting. When you enjoy the post, share, comment and “like” it and of course, subscribe with the easy button at the bottom. Like many others, I…

Don’t Be a Jackass – Guest & Host Etiquette

Recently I have received a bunch of questions via messenger regarding etiquette rules. I have to chuckle each time I get one of these questions. Who do they think I am, Emily Post? While I am no expert on anything, I DO try to have decent manners and try to adhere to basic etiquette guidelines….