What I Do

In short, I am your personal assistant.  I am a buxom broad that gets your shit done.

All too often at culinary events, Chefs are pulled in directions that have little to do with food, recipe creation or execution of recipes and more to do with organization and display.  I have found that Chefs are happiest when all they have to worry about is the food and interacting with the clients.  THAT is where I come in!

With more than 15 years of LIVE cooking demonstration experience (over 1000 demos) and almost 30 years of sales experience, I am perfectly positioned to work with your culinary team to promote your product and make your event a huge success.  I will handle inventory intake (receiving), purchasing (in some cities), set booth and display items, coordinate staff (and hire when necessary in some cities).  I also work as a prep monkey in the kitchen.  I can work with your Chef to create recipes and execute menus.  I can also facilitate mis en place for Chefs so all they need to worry about is the execution.

You need a BOG (Bitch on the Ground.) You need me. Visiting Chef with limited staff? 

Are you a visiting Chef to an event?  Do you have limited staff and need a leg up on the competition?  Are you in Vegas only occasionally? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I am a perfect fit for you.  If your company is NOT based where you are doing your trade show or event, I am your BOG (Bitch on the Ground).

My home base is Vegas, however, I do travel to other cities when requested.  Please note: my purchasing and hiring capabilities are strongest on the west coast where I have an extensive network of culinary professionals upon whom I can call.

Events worked

For more info on how we can work together, visit my “How to Contact Me” area and let’s get in touch!