Shit That Pisses Me Off – Pet Peeves 2024

If you are at all offended by foul language, I gently suggest this post is not for you. There will be foul language and inappropriate words that could upset you.

I know that I have been a slacker for the past several years, but I can’t seem to get out of my own way and create content that I think you will find interest and value in. My calendar reminded me that I needed to write my pet peeves blog, and this year I DO have some new ones. If you want to see the complete list you can click here, and here, and here, and while you’re at it, go here too.

This is the one blog I write that I really cut loose and let fly all the shit that’s been stuck in my head. This is the shit that really annoys me, pisses me off, or just irritates me. I expect you to chuckle. I’d love for you to share your pet peeves in the comments here. I welcome you to share this with your friends and start a discussion with me, them or anyone else about what pisses you off right now.

  • Video Chatting in Public
    • Guess what? The whole free world doesn’t give a flying fuck about Aunt Trudy’s bunion surgery, what you had for lunch, or that your 18-month-old grandchild wants to “talk” to you. Do that shit at home! You are annoying other people!
  • Playing ANYTHING on a Device without Headphones
    • On a recent trip to NY, folks were walking down the street with music blaring out of their backpacks. Like a new age boom box. I thought boom boxes were annoying and this was even more so. Guess what? See above. You are annoying other people. On a recent flight, some moron was watching a movie without headphones…the nice flight attendant set his ass straight!
  • Video Conferencing in Public
    • Look, we are all secretly grateful to COVID for encouraging the WFH movement. The H in WFH means HOME. Don’t do that shit in a restaurant, coffee shop or bar. We don’t care how important your job is or how important you think you are.
  • Over the top cocktails that take 10 minutes to make and contain 12 ingredients
  • “Shareable Plates” – what if I don’t WANT to share? This especially annoys me when the dish is “shareable” if you only have 1 bite. One menu said a Chicken Liver Mousse app was “shareable”…it was 2 little tiny toasts the size of a half dollar coin with a schmear of mousse each. My bouche was not amusé.
  • Any bar that labels and advertises itself as a “Speakeasy”. It was fun 10 years ago and cute 5 years ago and now it is just boring. By definition, a true speakeasy is a secret, probably illegal, lounge and you only get in if you know the location and password. If you are advertising your location, you are definitely NOT a secret and surely not illegal.
  • Crudo
  • I hate it when people park in front of my house, and they aren’t visiting me. I feel left out or like I am missing a party or something. I have finally become THAT old woman.
  • Seeing pics of events that I wasn’t invited to. I wanna go to everything!
  • Paying for an event because you had FOMO over past events and it NOT living up to your expectations – I am looking at you Life is Beautiful. I have no one to blame but myself here.
  • VIP experiences that are oversold – seriously. What is the POINT of a VIP experience, section, event if tickets are vastly oversold?
  • People who think rules don’t apply to them. For example – bringing kids to events or places labeled 21+ only.
  • Whining
  • Robocalls
  • Speed limits
  • Politicians – I am sick of ALL OF THEM. They all suck.
  • People who let their dogs shit in my front yard or any public area and don’t clean up after them.

*FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out in case you weren’t aware.

2020 – Pet Peeves – the Shit That’s Pissing Me Off

Last year I skipped my pet peeves blog because I had nothing new to be pissed about.  It was the same old shit. If you want to see what some of my pet peeves are, you can click here and here for a taste. This is one of my favorite blogs to write because I don’t have to even pretend to be nice. Be forewarned, this is peppered with foul language. You are supposed to snicker, laugh, smirk, roll your eyes, and generally have a good time with this post.

Since I last posted the pet peeves blog, I have become a travel agent. As you read along, you’ll notice that some of my new pet peeves are travel related and others are still food or dining related.  Here we go…

Dining and Drinking


A while back we had company in from out of town, I made a reservation at a butcher shop/eatery in the Summerlin area (notice I didn’t mention their name, but you Las Vegas locals can figure this out). We arrived a few minutes early and I expected to wait until our actual reservation time. We waited more than 30 minutes PAST our reservation time. What exactly is the fucking point of making a reservation if you are going to make me wait anyway? I understand the place was busy, and a short wait of a few minutes wouldn’t have put this on my pet peeves list. As a former server, I understand that you can’t make people leave. The part that REALLY pissed me off is that we weren’t even given an apology other than a halfhearted “Sorry. We’re really busy tonight,” from the hostess. (My response was “Yes, I expected that. That’s why I made a reservation.”) The manager never approached us or apologized, and we weren’t offered a complimentary glass of water, let alone a cocktail, while we waited. Needless to say, I haven’t been back there, have no plans to ever dine there again, but I will, and have, hit up the butcher shop.

Basic Etiquette

This one really chapped my ass last weekend. While at a bar celebrating a friend’s birthday, The Hubs and I left our perches at the bar (we arrived a little early and were able to snag bar stools) to go dance. Our drinks, my handbag, and a friend were left to “guard” our seats. A couple walked up to order from the bar and promptly sat in our seats. When told “someone is sitting there” they rolled their eyes at my friend and didn’t move when we returned until I gave her the death glare. To add insult to injury, the bitch swirled her drink with a swizzle stick and plopped said stick into The Hubs’ drink. Yes, really. The excellent bar staff saw this and replaced the beverage. If you are old enough to go into a bar, act like it isn’t your first time.


Other People’s Feet

I know travel can be stressful and uncomfortable, but seriously people leave your fucking shoes on! No one wants to see your nasty feet. Clipping toenails in public? C’mon! And give it a thought, the floors of the plane, airport, or wherever you are walking barefoot have had people walking with who-knows-what on the soles of their shoes. Rodeo time in Vegas? You can bet there is horse or cow shit that you are walking on with your bare feet.

Using My Seat

One of my biggest pet peeves right now since I have been flying a lot is the use of my seat. If you must get up, kindly use your damn armrests to heave your fat ass out of your seat. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, use the seat back in front of you. I have been woken from a dead sleep by the passenger behind me yanking my seat back and pulling my hair. I have nearly spilled my beverage down my front by someone grabbing my seat back and hauling their ass out of their seat. Also, for fuck’s sake don’t “man spread” yourself into my seat either.

Body Autonomy

Personal Space

Recently on a cruise (and I am finalizing that post as well), I had people literally shove me out of their way. Do not touch me if you don’t know me other than to shake my hand. Do not crowd up my back while in line or paying for something using my credit card.

Smoking Areas

This is one of my consistent pet peeves. I am a smoker. Don’t judge. If I am in a designated smoking area doing my thing, you can go fuck off.  Don’t come by waving your hands in front of your face making remarks about smoking. I could not possibly care less what you think if I am in a designated smoking area. If I am not s’posed to be smoking somewhere and you tell me politely, I will move. This goes for bars, casinos, sidewalks, anywhere outdoors, etc. If you are rude about it, I will tell you to fuck off and then move. And before the comments start rolling in, don’t lecture me on quitting. You aren’t my mother or my doctor (who have already lectured me ad nauseum on this topic).


Don’t tell me I would be prettier if I smiled more. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think of my looks. I have resting bitch face. Deal with it. Usually this happens to women and not to men. How would a man feel if I told him, “You’d be more handsome if you smiled more”?

And finally on this year’s list of pet peeves, Hand Washing

Wash your hands you filthy animal. I can’t tell you how many times I see women walk out of the rest room without washing their hands. The Hubs and the Offspring see men do it all the time. It makes me cautious about shaking people’s hands. If they didn’t wash up, and I shake a man’s hand it’s like I am touching their dick. There is a certain amount of “ick factor” about that. Wash your damn hands. That’s the best protection.

Of course these are my opinions and my pet peeves. Feel free to comment about yours! I’d love to hear them.