Aureole – New and Improved

I’ve waited long enough to post this. I apologize for the delay, there are some issues with the website and they are being dealt with. To see ALL of the pics, please visit Good for Spooning on Facebook. 

Aureole is new and improved Johnny Church at the helm

In December The Hubs and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary and we chose Aureole as our dinner spot. We always choose someplace nicer than our norm for our celebration of us and Aureole didn’t disappoint. Aureole is new and improved IMHO with Friend Johnny Church at the helm. While Johnny wasn’t in house that night, we were still treated like royalty and the food was superb.

Attention to detail is paramount

Luckily I have the opportunity to dine at a lot of great places and friends in the culinary community fill me in on their favorites. When I learned Johnny was at Aureole, we made plans to dine there as soon as scheduling allowed. Part of the appeal of fine dining is the service. Of course the menu and attention to detail therein is paramount, but the service is what really makes it special. Aureole’s new décor, along with a fresh new menu and outstanding service made this a meal to remember.

Delight at every plate that was brought to the table

I am no slouch in the kitchen, but my biggest weakness, I feel, is my plating. I do not have an artistic bone in my body, so when it comes to gorgeous plating I am always blown away. Flowers, artfully swirled sauces, microgreens placed “just so” all make me smile because I can’t envision it in my head. I can DUPLICATE it, but I can’t create it. So imagine my delight at each and every plate that was brought to the table. Here is just a portion of what we enjoyed. I encourage you to make a plan to get over there and dig in. With JOY!

Our meal started with delicious champagne, and because we like to share plates, we ordered everything to share and enjoy together. Additionally Chef sent a few things additional for us to try. In addition to all of the fabulous food pictured here, there were fried chicken “oysters”, a wonderful tortellini dish that made me rethink whether I am done with molecular gastronomy and “foams” and a glorious panna cotta with fresh berries.

Lionfish ceviche with fried shishito leaves.

A delicate oyster topped with peach sorbet. Sounds  like it shouldn’t work, but totally does

Beef carpaccio with octopus as the eye of each slice

Lamb loin wrapped in Merguez sausage

This chocolate almond tart was as delicious and rich as it was pretty.