To be honest I never have said I was good at waiting for ANYTHING. As a young person I would shake the gifts under the tree and try to guess what was in them. I would try to sneak into Mom’s closet to find out what my gifts were. When I am ready for a vacation or getaway, I cannot WAIT for the plane to take off and get VERY irritable if there is a delay of any kind. I just want to scream, “Sit your fat asses down so we can take off goddammit!”

So here I sit in a filthy house (Moment of Truth – my house is ALWAYS a little cluttered, but it is RARELY filthy) with no cooking appliances, waiting on granite, tile and backsplash. The cabinets were installed so quickly (3 days) that I thought for sure that the rest of the kitchen would move along as smoothly. Mistake number 3. That’s what I get for thinking.

I know. You are wondering what Mistakes Number 1 and 2 are.

Number 1 – Thinking I would be fine with eating out all the time. Let’s be honest here! I LOVE to eat out. But the kind of food I like to eat when dining out is pricey and after the amount of $$ laid out for the renovation, it’s really fucking difficult to justify $100 for dinner several times a week. I can make do with tuna sandwishes* and other stuff for lunch and yes, I am a junk food junkie. But NO ONE, not even I, can eat like that all the damn time. I limit it to once a week.

Number 2 – Thinking I would be able to “make the best of it” and cook on the grill or my little butane burner or simply enjoy a salad. FYI – I can’t stand eating salad. When offered the choice between soup or salad, I will almost always choose the soup. I know people who do eat salad every single day (Hubby would cheerfully eat salad every day). I like hot food. I like food with layers of flavors and textures that is HOT. And if this was the summer, it would be easier to jump on the salad bandwagon, but it’s February.

John warned me I would be stir crazy. John KNEW I would be a basket case right about now. He knows me so well. What he didn’t know is that he would be just as bad as I am. We can’t find anything. We can’t really cook anything. And we are both tired of the messy house and the food we are eating. I am not sure what is stressing me out more. It’s a toss-up between the filthy house and the lack of creative release. You see, I have come to the conclusion that even though I SAY I can’t meditate, I am lying to myself. I meditate in the kitchen. By focusing on the job at hand I am able to center myself and get my shit together. Yeah, um, I don’t have that right now. So I am not centered. I am crabby and ready for this to be done. Of course it looks amazing and I am so much happier with the results to date than I ever thought possible.  Enjoy these pics of the tile work.

This is the basic pattern.  The yellow "croquet hoops" are the spacers for the grout.
This is the basic pattern. The yellow “croquet hoops” are the spacers for the grout.
Gilbert (L) and Bobby working their magic.

Granite and more electrical on Monday and hopefully backsplash on Wednesday.  Then to paint.  Then to party…and party some more!

* I always write sandWISH