The Walking Dead Themed Dinner

Apparently it has been nearly a month since I last posted, and during that time I have been preparing for The Walking Dead Themed Dinner (beware: video trailer may be disturbing to some viewers) for the season premiere this coming Sunday. If you aren’t a fan of the show, here’s a quick synopsis: Zombie apocalypse meets violence filled soap opera. I am an addict.

Friend Karen is all about the THEME. Whenever there is any kind of get together her first question is, “What’s the theme?” For our 25th Anniversary party she wanted to know what the theme was…”It’s our 25th anniversary! That’s the theme!” She wants costumes, decorations, planned themed food and party games, activities, whatever will drive home the point of the theme. If she was a fan, she’d be invited to The Walking Dead Themed Dinner and she’d LOVE IT!

The Walking Dead Themed Dinner to kick off the season sounds like it should be easy. With it being so close to Halloween, it was easy to find creepy recipe ideas online, but few fit the theme of The Walking Dead. Classic Halloween ideas are tombstones, brains (maybe), fingers, witches’ hats, bats, spiders, etc. Coming up with ideas for this dinner was a little trickier. I wanted to stay true to the show and have the menu reflect episodes, thematic elements, critical moments or things they actually eat in the show. Friend Dani said we should have beet and acorn cookies like Carol makes for Tobin.

Keeping that in mind, here is the menu for next Sunday. If you are a fan of the show these should ring bells for you:

  • Dinner at Terminus – kinda like this pic. Ribs smoked in the Big Green Egg and sausages from Kiolbassa

    Main course for The Walking Dead - Dinner at Terminus

    Main course for The Walking Dead – Dinner at Terminus

  • Look at the Flowers Lizzie Cupcakes – flower shaped lemon cupcakes (because the flowers were yellow)
  • Negan’s Bats – Pretzel rods with caramel and chocolate “barbed wire”
  • Shane’s Frog Eye Salad – frogs’ legs were too much bother to infer the frog catching scene with Carl. Vegan Israeli Couscous salad.
  • Carol’s Casserole – Tuna…just because and no one better drop my dish on the porch!
  • Punch Bowl of Blood
  • And of course Orange Crush

Watch my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on Sunday for the images of the food and friends who show up to watch with us. Recipes to be posted soon. Too bad Nerdist Chris Hardwick can’t join us, but he’ll be busy. I am sure he’d be really impressed!

To view the photoblog – click HERE