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Hubby John is convinced that Imbibe Magazine is trolling his Trip Advisor account.  Immediately before we went to Seattle in the spring, they did a great piece on the Seattle cocktail scene.  Last weekend we went to Sacramento and guess which city had a beautiful write up in Imbibe prior to our trip?  You guessed it. On the one hand it is almost like they wrote a travel guide just for our drinking pleasure. On the other, the fact that they COULD monitor our upcoming travel plans is a little creepy. If Miami shows up on the cover this month, I am going to start worrying because that’s our next stop.

Here’s what I can tell you about Sacramento:

  • It’s the capitol of California and the capitol building and the grounds surrounding it are gorgeous.
  • The city is laid out in a classic grid pattern making for easy navigation for tourists (beware of the one way streets if you are driving)
  • The downtown/midtown areas are eminently walk-able
  • It boasts some of the best bartenders I have ever had wait on me. All good looking, all knowledgeable – not only about cocktails, but about beer as well – and that goes for both genders. (Moment of Truth – Seattle has fab knowledgeable bartenders too, but they aren’t as ridiculously good looking as these ones. Las Vegas has ridiculously good looking bartenders that aren’t that knowledgeable).

    This is Joe. He informed us that he was scheduled the day Imbibe was in house at Low Brau, but had to switch shifts.  He was a bit annoyed that he wasn't featured. He should have been - he made us some tasty cocktails!
    This is Joe. He informed us that he was scheduled the day Imbibe was in house at Lowbrau, but had to switch shifts. He was a bit annoyed that he wasn’t featured. He should have been – he made us some tasty cocktails!
  • I did not eat anything that was less than good while I was there. Most of what I ate entered into the excellent category
  • All of downtown Sacramento is viciously proud that The Shady Lady has been named one of the best bars in the country by Esquire Magazine.


Enjoy the pics and the info and if you are heading that way I recommend the following 3 stops:

  1. Sandra Dee’s for soul food – Good Call Rev Kane!  Holy hell was that a FINE way to kick off our trip!4-IMG_2136
  2. Lowbrau/Block – great beer on rotating taps and fab sausages and charcuterie made in house at Block6-IMG_2154 1-IMG_2112
  3. Foundation – They had a fantastic beer cheese soup with pretzel croutons, but  have the grilled artichoke, yes, it was THAT good.5-IMG_2140

A couple of additional notes about Sacramento:

  • We stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn right near the Capitol.  It is seriously the noisiest hotel I have ever tried to sleep in. It is in a GREAT location, but you can hear each person walking in the hall, the next room’s alarm clock and the shower turn on in rooms next to you as well.
  • The only person I took pictures of on this trip was Joe (above)…and I went to a wedding. I am mildly embarrassed.
  • John dubbed Hook & Ladder  “the bar of interesting men’s hair” because we saw some STELLAR ‘dos going on in there. We loved the cocktails, but not the vibe or the bartenders who were ULTRA serious about their craft. They were mildly affronted that we didn’t take their “hand carved ice cubes” with as much gravitas as they did. It’s frozen fucking water for god’s sake!
  • Take the time to walk through the grounds surrounding the Capitol Building – the trees are magnificent! Unfortunately due to the drought, the gardens were nothing to look at, but I respect and admire not watering things you can’t eat.
  • Russo’s Shoe Repair does “while you wait” work in some cases (you don’t want to know) and Mr. Russo is a nice guy and a wealth of food and drink knowledge.
  • Skip Old Sacramento for the most part, unless you have a thing for trains. It’s a wild west (sort of) version of Fisherman’s Wharf. A few good places, but mostly over priced and moderate quality.  If you MUST go, go early in the morning when no one else is there to check out the buildings and the Tower Bridge.  The Bridge is really cool and an architectural marvel.

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