I’ve Been Sworn to Secrecy!

One of the best things about Vegas is that it’s ALWAYS changing. It’s also one of the worst things about Vegas.  They tear down buildings left and right making room for new things with little regard for history. But when those changes mean tasty new options for me, who am I to stand in the way of progress?

There are a LOT of new things here, the SLS for starters (I wasn’t invited to the opening and I STILL haven’t been down there to check it out…soon, I promise).  There are some BIG events on the horizon with our dining scene and I was let in on many of them recently.  Unfortunately ALL of my sources asked to be “off the record”, but what I can tell you is this: new resto openings are involved and they will all likely be tasty additions to our city’s culinary landscape and our downtown is about to get a whole lot more interesting! A little birdie also told me one of my fave competition chefs will soon be seen regularly on TV as a host, not as a competitor. I hope that tickles your taste buds enough to stay tuned here for info releases.


I went to the Motley Brews Downtown Beer Festival last weekend with some of my favorite people and we had a great time. Thank you again to Robert Bell for being the DD because we are responsible drinkers. (Moment of Truth – I will never understand people who take that risk of drinking and driving, especially when they are grown ass people and not kids). Of course we had VIP tix to take advantage of the special pours inside the reserved area, and they were spectacular.  I didn’t eat anything in the VIP area however because I don’t wait in line for free food. In fact I couldn’t even tell you who catered the VIP area. SORRY!  My feeling on the matter is that the culinary team there should have their shit together so there isn’t a line 25 people deep at each station.  Thankfully the food outside for purchase was fantastic!!

See here the gorgeous Boudin Blanc from Comme Ca – Thank you Brian and Daniel!  Whoop, was that good!

1-2014-09-20 17.55.59


See here the ridiculously delicious Short Rib Fries from Truck U BBQ – Thank you Mike!

2-2014-09-20 18.17.46


We also had the Stroganoff Fries from Forte Tapas  (John Courtney on the line there) and ate them so quickly there is no pic.

Next beer event coming up is THIS weekend at the Cosmopolitan. Yes, I am going. With my main squeeze and my SILs from San Francisco. We have a room at the Aria because we are responsible drinkers. And of course the Chefs to the Max event Sunday at Carson Kitchen.  Follow me on Instagram or Twitter and you will see all the pics before everyone else. And follow and like my page on Facebook too. They are all Good for Spooning.