Happy New Year! Don’t Drink & Drive

Thank you for following my food adventures this year and I look forward to sharing new ones in 2018. Your continued reading is the drive I need to keep posting. When you enjoy the post, share, comment and “like” it and of course, subscribe with the easy button at the bottom. Like many others, I reflect on the past today and am grateful for the possibility of a new beginning tomorrow.

Just a few of the great food experiences that I enjoyed in 2017

2017 has been a rough one for many communities across the country and the world. We have seen mass shootings, intense, destructive weather and raging forest fires just in the past few months. Those tragedies have shown us our strength as citizens and humans. I personally witnessed the outpouring of love, care and community here in Vegas after the Route 91 shooting. I saw people lined up for hours to donate blood for the victims, restaurants and companies banding together to donate food to feed the relief workers and families, and clergy and therapists donating their time for grief counseling. Through the news, I have seen the same sense of community demonstrated across this country in ways great and small. We ARE stronger together.

We will be celebrating at home with some of our nearest and dearest playing Cards Against Humanity in our PJ’s. For years we had a Black & White themed NYE party, and have since abandoned that tradition in favor of something more relaxed.

Please be safe. DO NOT drink and drive!

If you are heading out for your revelry, please be safe. DO NOT drink and drive! There are so many options available to you to preserve your life and the lives of those around you. DO NOT be a statistic. If you really don’t care about yourself that much, please think of the rest of us that might have to drive on the roads with you.

While these may cost some money, trust me when I say they are definitely cheaper than a funeral or a DUI conviction. Here is a list of safe alternatives:

  • Choose a designated driver – If you have a friend who is on a cleanse or is simply not a drinker, offer to pay for their food & bev if they drive your drunk ass around.
  • Lyft or Uber to and from your destination – beware of “surge pricing”. You can walk a couple of blocks away from a busy event and get a better price.
  • Get a hotel room and sleep it off
  • Call a cab
  • Many cities are offering free rides on public transportation services – including Vegas, Chicago, Denver and many others. Check your city’s mass transit website for details in your area.
  • AAA – Tipsy Tow – 1-800-AAA-HELP  First 10 miles free – check here for availability in your area. They tow your car and drive your drunk ass home.
  • Stear Clear – download this app – they will drive your drunk ass AND your car home!

Wishing you all safe and happy celebrations tonight and a healthy and prosperous New Year!