Gift Guide – Holiday 2019 – Shop NOW

An apology and an explanation

If you have been following along, you will notice that I haven’t posted a lot this past year. For my loyal readers – especially you folks who have been with me from the very beginning – I am truly sorry. The death of my father last fall hit me a lot harder than I thought it would and, like a novelist I know, caused me to have writer’s block and a complete lack of desire to post anything. My goal is to do better in 2020.

And now for some good news and a gift

The good news is many fold! First, my website is undergoing a redesign, so keep checking back for new images, a new look, and better accessibility (You will notice that pesky double header is now gone – fuckin’ A!). Also, because I love to travel (and eat), I joined the travel industry, so you will be seeing A LOT more here about where to go and what to do (like my Egypt blogs and my Europe blogs from two years ago). When you decide you need a vacation, I do hope you will think of me first when planning.

On top of all that, this is my annual Gift Guide for the foodies in your life. Of course, you will find cheeky things and useful things, and a book written by someone I know personally (in fact, I went to High School with him). I was delighted to receive many of these as gifts myself. Some were found while I was browsing. All are items I’d love to give or receive. Without further ado, here is my guide on what to get that person in your life who loves to cook, eat, or entertain.

Be sure to bookmark these pages and hit them up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for your gift giving. Many are having sales that you won’t want to miss!

Gray Kunz Damascus Patterned Plating Spoon – $35

Gray Kunz Damascus Patterned Plating Spoon - for a gift that always gets used!

In a previous gift guide, I included the Rose Gold spoon which was gifted to me by dear Friend Nanette. I love it and use it ALL the time. This one has the same dimensions and beautiful manufacturing, but with a little pizzazz on the handle. Bonus – it comes in a perfectly giftable box for easy wrapping. Get on the list NOW because they sell out quickly.

Soulful Harvest cookbook by Chef Tim Grandinetti – $50

Soulful Harvest Cookbook by Chef Timothy Grandinetti - A cookbook is the gift that keeps on giving in the form of deliciousness!

If you live in Winston-Salem, you are lucky! You can enjoy Chef Tim’s food at either Spring House or at Quanto Basta any time you choose. I have known Tim for more than 30 years and he is an exceptional talent in the kitchen. In fact, he gave me my first job as a culinarian and event manager. And for that I am truly grateful. The pictures are gorgeous, the recipes are well written and span everything from comfort food to “fancy” all with a Southern twist. And don’t forget to read the stories! They really give you a feel for who Chef Tim is. Hey, Hudsonians…this one’s for you! To order, click here.

Black Walnut Lame – $35

Black Walnut Baker's Lame - It's a gift a baker doesn't know they want.

Do you have a baker on your list? This is a fantastic gift for a lot of reasons. First, it is gorgeous. Second, it is something every baker needs, but probably buys the $10 version because they won’t splurge on themselves. Because it has replaceable blades, it is a better environmental choice too. And what King Arthur doesn’t know about baking, I don’t need to know. Wooden gift box included AND made in the USA. What more could you ask for?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tea Towel – $22

RBG Towel - I know at least a dozen people on my gift list that need this and they don't even know it yet.

If you know me at all, you know I am a feminist and that I love RBG. Thankfully she is literally everywhere these days including on these cheeky towels and so much more. When shopping here, don’t stop at this towel! The site is LOADED with fun gifts for the political activist who enjoys cooking and eating. Suffragettes, RBG, and Harriet Tubman are all featured on totes, aprons, tea towels (that’s a dish towel for us Americans).

St. Anthony Candle – $16

St. Anthony Bourdain Candle - the perfect gift for that someone who has EVERYTHING!

I adore all things Bourdain. This needs no explanation. If the candle is sold out, don’t panic! There are also mugs, totes and other fab items to choose from!

Made In Nonstick Frying Pans

Made In Cookware - the perfect gift for that special someone on your list that LOVES to cook.

Slick interior, great weight, comfortable handle, and made in the USA. Oh, and did I mention that all 3 sizes are under $100 each? The 8” ($75) is perfect for eggs and the 10” ($85) and 12” ($99) are amazing for everything else. There is so much to love about this pan, but supporting USA made products that are created with care in a small independently owned company tops my list. Be sure to check out the other items in their product line. Last year the 10” French made Blue Steel Pan made this list.