Who I Am

My name is LeAnne and I am an eater, drinker, blogger and cook (I know it sounds like a bad 70’s song).  As a military wife and mom I traveled extensively, attended numerous “official” banquets and dinners, most in formal wear and most AWFUL!  While attending the banquets was usually not fun, the travel always was. So, in 2019 I decided to hang up my Chef’s coat full time and put on a Travel Advisor hat instead. 

Of course my timing could not have been worse, because just as I finished all of my training, we had a world wide pandemic that brought the travel industry to its knees. So the Chef’s coat came back out and after some hand wringing and whining, I created a YouTube Channel to teach my sister how to cook via live cook along demos. Others joined in and we made the best of a shitty situation.  Follow the link and check it out.

I love to cook and entertain and I am thrilled to have a crowd over to my house to eat.  Food is, and should be, a collaborative event.  People who eat together have a stronger connection and I find that families who make time for dinner together have a more cohesive family unit.  When peeps join me in my home, if they want a job in the kitchen, I am happy to give them one.  Food is interactive and sharing the responsibilities of putting the meal together is part of the fun!

My enjoyment of cooking and eating led me to start this blog. My love of travel changed the course of it and refreshed my perspectives. Instead of being solely about food now, you can read about travel, how to make the most of your trips, and learn about where I am traveling, cooking and eating.

My friends joke that I have had just about every job known to mankind with the following exceptions:

  • Stripper
  • Hooker
  • Dealer – either casino or drugs
  • Rockette

Bonus fun fact:   Oh yeah…and I am kind of a badass.

Now you know about my personal life…go to What I Do and Why You Should Hire Me to learn more about me professionally.


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