When I Give a Sh*t

…and I always do when it comes to my job.

When you choose to work with me, I will make sure I give you all the attention you deserve. Whether it is organizing a family trip for 100 or a romantic getaway for 2. I want your travel experience to be fantastic! When possible, I will even give you recommendations on where to eat while you are traveling so you really make the most out of your trip. Because I give a shit.

I also give a shit about the community I live in.  I donate time, energy and money to charities, primarily food based, but also women’s assistance charities.  I do this because I think it is my responsibility to give back, so I do.  I work with Feeding America, Three Square Food Bank and The Shade Tree.  I’ve also worked with the Red Cross, Girl Scouts and faith-based orgs to help those in need.

Because I give a shit, I am ALL IN when I work with you.  You can count on it!