To Find Inspiration

Try these sites.  They help get me inspired and they can help you too!  As I find new sites, this page will change, so check back now and then.

Links to inspiration

Bon Appetit

Food 52

Food & Wine

Kitchen Daily – NOT always, but there are some great time savers on this site


The Splendid Table – I love Lynn Rossetto Kasper and NPR

Tasting Table – there are regional issues too that will help you find great places to eat on vacation or while running around town

If you want to see what I am seeing, check out my Pinterest boards. I use it as a digital bulletin board so I can find the recipes that intrigued me.

Check out my YouTube channel. All the recipes are cooked LIVE, in real time, no editing, so you know EXACTLY how long it’s going to take. None of that “through the magic of television” bullshit. When I make a mistake (and I do), you’ll see it and learn what to do if it happens to you.