Carnevino – Closing of a Steakhouse

This week here in Vegas all three of Mario Batali’s restaurants closed.  All three were on Sheldon Adelson properties and even though Batali removed himself from the business, all three closed their doors on Sunday evening. While all three restaurant closings are sad, the saddest closing for me was Carnevino Italian Steakhouse. Fellow upstate New…

Sparrow + Wolf – First Spoonful

  Sparrow + Wolf is my most anticipated restaurant opening in ages. I have waited for fucking EVER to eat Brian Howard’s food again. Since Comme Ça closed in 2015, the only time I was able to enjoy this Chef’s food was at events. Neighborhood Cookery INDEED! Sparrow + Wolf opened last Wednesday in Vegas’…

Gossip & Secrets

Here’s a Moment of Truth – I admit that I love gossip and secrets. Not the malicious kind. I don’t have time for that negativity in my life, but I LOVE juicy gossip and secrets about new menus and restos as much as the next gal. As you well know by now, I love food….

Life is Beautiful Indeed! #LIB2015

I wasn’t supposed to be there. Really I wasn’t. I wanted to go, but I was supposed to be in Phoenix. Then a dear friend – let’s call him “G” – texts me to say he has a pass for me. Hubby goes to Phoenix without me.  It is a GA pass, and I am…

Grills & Guitars 2015

The kickoff event to Life is Beautiful was held at the SLS Foxtail Pool and the food was fantastic! Many of my faves were on hand to serve up some great food, but a few were noticeably absent . The cocktails by the liquor sponsors were varied and delish (I did not drink the tequila)….