The Best of 2019

2019 was decidedly NOT a year of eating dangerously or experimentally…

Toward the end of 2018, I went to the doctor to arrange for my knee replacement (Jan 2019) and she said to me, “Quit smoking. Quit drinking and lose 30 pounds.” I looked at her said, “SURELY not all at the same time!” I did quite smoking (for a while). I did have the surgery successfully, but then my weight ballooned up because of inactivity.

We went to Egypt, and once we got back home I started on a weight loss path (don’t call it a fucking “journey” a JOURNEY is a vacation and weight loss is no vacation – it’s WORK). Since then the Hubs and I have lost a combined 90 pounds and we feel great! No fake foods, no weird eliminations, nothing off limits. Just watching what we were eating, removing “hidden” calories, listening to our bodies tell us when were hungry or full, and voila! The weight came off!

Because of the dieting, watching portions, and tracking exactly what has been going into our mouths, we haven’t dined out as frequently. I’ve been cooking more at home, and we’ve been staying smart in our choices. So, this year’s “Best Of” list will be VERY abbreviated for a couple of reasons:

  • We didn’t venture into the dining scene that much
  • Cooking at home was all fresh, natural ingredients that contained no surprises
  • Nothing was particularly NEW or INSPIRING once we started dieting – with a few noted exceptions

Without further ado, these are the most interesting things I ate this past year

ALL the bread in Egypt – literally ALL of it.

For more detailed info, read this blog

Even small restos make their own bread in Egypt
Pita fresh from the gas fired oven

The Fesikh at the souk in Aswan.

It was the SINGLE most surprising and unusual thing I ate all year. Super salty – right up my alley – and with a metallic tingle that can only be described as akin to licking a 9 volt battery, but not in a weird way. Straight from the jar it was wildly complex, but when mixed with hummus and tahini, and served for lunch by Chef Hamdy, it was an altogether different dish.

Duck “Ramen” at EDO Tapas

One of the Secret Burger dining events we enjoyed in 2019 was made more enjoyable by being with dear friends on a “date night”. What made this dish so unique was there were no noodles in the “ramen”. The “noodles” were mushrooms and the broth was out of this world. EDO Tapas has a fantastic tapas menu perfect for sharing. Check them out!
(if you don’t know about Secret Burger…what exactly are you waiting for? click that link and find out!)

Duck Ramen at EDO Tapas
Photo Courtesy of Friend Gemini

I learned to love farro

This is one of those things that seems like a no brainer. I liked farro before, but now that we are making different choices in what we eat, using it as a base for a “bowl” instead of rice is something on regular rotation at our house. Top it with nearly anything and the wonderful nutty, chewiness of it shines like a beacon of healthfulness and flavor.

mage from

2020 will have more in store

Of course, with a new year already having begun, and some travels already in the bag, I am making a concerted effort to try new things and actually keep track of them! As I have stated in previous posts writer’s block sucks, and I find I am ALMOST breaking through the wall.

Happy New Year!