Sparrow + Wolf – First Spoonful

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Sparrow + Wolf is my most anticipated restaurant opening in ages. I have waited for fucking EVER to eat Brian Howard’s food again. Since Comme Ça closed in 2015, the only time I was able to enjoy this Chef’s food was at events.

Neighborhood Cookery INDEED!

Sparrow + Wolf opened last Wednesday in Vegas’ Chinatown and although we wanted to be there, we didn’t want to be there. You know what I mean? So, we planned a date night at Sparrow + Wolf and it turned into “old home week”! Their sign says “neighborhood cookery and libations”. Neighborhood Cookery INDEED! You would have thought we planned a night out with friends. So many people we knew walked in the door! It was fantastic to see folks we hadn’t seen in some time, former clients of mine from a previous job and try some fantastic food.

We left our menu selections in Chef Brian Howard’s hands and he sent out some amazing stuff! The only item we selected was the dessert because I knew John would love it. There was only one item that I didn’t care for, but that is a personal preference, not a verdict on the dish. And it is not pictured here.

Be sure to make a reservation – they’ve been packed!

Heads up – they have been PACKED every night, be sure to make a reservation. We chose to sit at the bar, because we enjoy that, and yes, we made a reservation FOR the bar. The cocktail menu is fun and tasty and of course I didn’t take any pics of my drink, but I had the Have Knives Will Travel and it was delish! Craft beer on tap (no crap on tap) makes me even happier! The Stone Tangerine IPA was available, grab it while you can.

Enjoy these quick pics and I promise a more in depth post after I visit again.

These are NOT your grandad’s clams casino where you eat a dozen and are left wanting more. Adding uni to Clams Casino? Gilding the lily you could say, and you’d be right, but in the best of ways. It is slightly pricey, BUT worth every penny and it’s so rich you only need one! My fave dish of the night.

A unique presentation for sure. The hamachi is on a crispy, cloudlike rice cracker. This hits all the right notes – salty, sweet, spicy and crunchy.

Beautiful duck breast with seared foie gras and woodear mushrooms. Again gilding the lily, but in the best possible way. This dish was introduced and enjoyed at Whiskey in the Wilderness, it’s even better here in the resto where they have perfected it!

You may think udon with lamb bolognese would be sacrilege, and I did too…at first. It works for me! The thickness and toothiness of the noodle is the perfect foil to the sauce.

Beef cheek and bone marrow dumpling. JUST when I think I am done with foams…THIS arrives! This was The Hubs’ fave dish of the night.

Calamansi tart – think of everything you love about citrus, and that’s a calamansi. With vanilla meringue and blueberries.