New Traditions

As John and I age and the years pass us by, the holiday family traditions we have had from our youth have gone the way of the Dodo, and we have created our own. It started innocently enough. Pizza on Xmas Eve, Chinese on our Anniversary, dinner out for Xmas day and the Island of Lost Toys Thanksgiving. Amidst all of it Jack has grown and been there for the changes. Well, he is off to college and we are on our own as a couple more often than not. Maybe it’s time for some NEW traditions? Vacationing in the Caribbean for Xmas anyone?

Each year around this time, John goes to a conference and when Jack was living at home it wasn’t boring for me. We’d do stuff together and eat food that John hated (Mac and cheese for example – yes, really). Now it’s just me. And the dogs. And a really big empty house. So I started chores, beginning with the pantry – it’s so nice now – but I enjoy chores about as much as the next girl, so then I got to thinking…dangerous I know…

I LOVE to cook and I really enjoy entertaining and when John is gone I don’t like to cook for just me. I WANT TO COOK for a crowd. I am quite sure you are thinking, “LeAnne, T-giving is right around the corner. You’ll have plenty of people to cook for.” So what? I should only cook for friends on holidays? I call Bullshit! So the idea popped into my head to do a Girls Night IN. This MAY become a new tradition depending on how it all turns out. I invited just a few gals over, more so I could have someone to cook for than any other reason. Of course I love their company, otherwise I wouldn’t spend time with them ever, but if that were the ONLY reason, we could eat at IHOP. No, this is purely selfish. If this turns out to be great fun all the way around, I may do this every time John travels for work!

Whenever I have entertained crowds in the past I always made sure to have at least one vegetarian option, but this time the invitation said:

Come have dinner with me!

I don’t know the menu yet and I won’t know until I shop that morning. I CANNOT promise any of the following:
I cannot promise we will eat on time
I cannot promise it will be vegetarian
I cannot promise it will be gluten free
I cannot promise there will be dessert

I CAN promise there will be cocktails
I CAN promise there will be cheese (I am Sister Flaming Hair Goddess of the Cheese after all)
I CAN promise there will be a green salad
I CAN promise there will be homemade bread

PLEASE RSVP no later than Wed at noon.


I had decided that I would cook what pleased me and joining me for dinner meant a roll of the dice for the guests. I mulled over a few options in my head and finally decided on a soup buffet. It’s easy to prep in advance and has something for everyone. PLUS I’ll be trying out a few things. Of course there will be a green salad – a riff on this one

and a punch to get us in the mood for the holidays, like this one.

The only thing I have decided NOT to do is make a dessert. Want something sweet, have another cocktail!

Needless to say, I hope I have a good turn out and I hope everyone has a good time, the two main worries of every host for every event. I’ll keep you posted!