My Mom & San Diego

This past week I went to San Diego to spend some time with my Mom who was visiting from Florida, and my Aunt (really an older cousin) who is re-habbing from surgery. Of course I ate out and some was good and some not so good.

If Mom and I are together, we get a little nostalgic about NY food. We talk about good deli, good Chinese and good pizza. And let’s not forget the desserts! Since Mom and I no longer have access to the staples we were brought up on, we frequently search and find suitable replacements. Sometimes the searches are longer and more arduous than others. It’s almost become a game for us; kind of a badge of honor if we can find what we are really craving. Well Cousin John did right by us on this trip! We went to dinner with John and Kayla and had the best deli experience I have had in YEARS at D.Z. Akins. Like any self respecting deli on the east coast, there was a crock of good pickles on the table to start off with. The sandwich I ordered was so big, I could only finish half of it and the chopped chicken liver took me right back to NY! There will be a do-over in my future. The only disappointment here was that the bakery counter looked better than it tasted. I was so excited about the “black & whites” and they weren’t fresh and neither were the Linzer tarts (Moment of Truth – Linzer Tarts are my second favorite cookie in all creation and I never make them because they are a pain in the ass.)
This is Pastrami, Swiss and Roast Beef on Sourdough. There are FRIES on the other side of the plate, but the sandwich was so large that it was a barrier to seeing anything else.

Whenever I go to San Diego, there is one place that I HAVE to visit. I MUST go to Point Loma Seafood whenever I am in town and I took Mom with me this time. They have the BEST fried calamari sandwich ever! It is actually a huge calamari steak, cut into strips and flash fried so it isn’t greasy or tough, served on untoasted, thick sliced sourdough bread. It’s really delish! The first time I went there was in April 1987 with my dear, departed Uncle Bruce. He wasn’t s’posed to be eating anything fried, so he said, “You will not discuss this lunch with anyone.” And we proceeded to have fries, fried calamari sandwiches and ice cold beer. I never told anyone about that “secret” lunch until he passed away 3 years ago, but each time I went to San Diego, I went to Point Loma and thought of him. No, there is no photo of the food, I ate it too fast! Usually I take an ice chest, make Point Loma my final stop in town, and bring home fresh fish. This time I forgot the cooler, so it was sandwiches only. Sometimes the Food Memories are so good that it makes you think the food was actually better than it was. That is not the case with Point Loma. Over the past 25 years I have gone there and eaten numerous times and I am never disappointed. It’s always wonderful, fresh and fun. It’s pandemonium when you go to order, it’s a free for all at the counter and you better know what you want before you get up there!

Time with my family is a rare thing. None of them live here in Vegas – including my only child – so when we get together we do the things we like to do best. Sister Nancy and I eat and drink our way around town. Mom and I find the foods we are craving. Sister in Law Gretchen and I cook together, and when Dad comes, I show off my Big Green Egg BBQ. Because I don’t get to see the extended family as much as I would like, I encourage you to spend as much time with your loved ones as humanly possible. Eat together, create Food Memories and laugh!
The gang at Point Loma in October 2006. A few years before Uncle Bruce passed.

This week’s Food Memories include a sushi dinner for Goddess Lill’s birthday, the “deli experience” with family in San Diego, Point Loma Seafood and briefing Rick Moonen and RM Seafood on Restaurant Week which starts today! If you live in Vegas, or are visiting this week, be sure to check out this website and choose to dine from THESE special menus. Part of your purchase price will be donated to Three Square Food Bank to feed the hungry.

Las Vegas Restaurant Week

Until Next Week, go out and make your OWN Food Memories!